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Virtual spaces open up so many possibilities for artists and photographers. Join Photographer Don Margulis and Interviewer Jamie Jordan as they discuss the benefits of creating a 3D Virtual Art Gallery (video below).

And lucky us… we can visit and explore the entire collection, all from the comfort of our homes!

Wanna see it for yourself?  C’mon, you know you do. It’s easy…just a few clicks away.

OPTION ONE – is a true 3D Website, a solo experience.

This link offers a directory of art galleries on the left side of the screen.  Scroll through the list. Find the gallery, CLICK and GO.  That’s all there is to it. Seconds later you can walk into the web page and  immerse yourself in the beautiful art. No one will bother you.  This is a solo experience.

* is the direct access art portal for

OPTION TWO – for the extroverts and social butterflies. is a 3D virtual world in your web browser, an immersive experience.  If anyone else decides to roam around the same gallery at the same time, you will be sharing the space.  You can even text chat or talk in voice with them if you want, just like the video on this page! Here’s how you get there:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in as a Guest (no credentials required) or a Registered User
  3. By default you will land in the Orientation Center, but you can also pull down the list to choose a region (on the log in form).
  4. Use the  Teleport Directory to visit not only Don’s beautiful collection but the other talented artists in the gallery building. You won’t be disappointed!

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