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Calling All Art History Teachers and Art History Lovers

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I’m Miss Brenda and I am a part of the 3DWebWorldz team. Normally my blogs are about exploring the world and showcasing all it has to offer. Today’s is a bit different. Today I want to specifically ask for help in our art history project.

3DWebWorldz has always had a focus on education. We want to make learning fun and be fully immersive. We have an art area that is divided into three parts.

The first is working artists displaying and selling their art. Each artist has set up their own gallery how they want it.

The second is an area for classes and meet ups. We have a meet up every Wednesday night from 8PM – 10PM Eastern time. Everyone is invited. We have writers, virtual artists and traditional artists chatting casually.

The third area is where we need help. That’s our art history section. Right now we have Monet and Demuth. And that’s it. This screen shot shows the flowchart of what we want to do and some shots of the lobby areas already built.

This is a labor of love and we are looking for others that are just as passionate. You can do a little or a lot. Contribute some expertise or build a whole region. No worries if you are a newbie to virtual worlds. 3DWebWorldz is easy and there are plenty of team members to help you navigate.

We are also able to work with you if you have a specific lesson plan for your students that you want brought to life.

3DWebWorldz can be visited as a guest or with a free account. With an account you can customize your avatar and be given building access. If you want your own personal region, we offer those as well for a small fee. But that’s for another day. Today is about working on a group art history project.

These are screenshots from the Monet and Demuth exhibits we already have. The great thing about 3dWebWorldz is it is constantly changing. Just because these regions are ready for the public, doesn’t mean we can’t change or add to them.

This next screenshot is from the Van Gogh exhibit. It’s not open to the public yet because it is very much a work in progress. This one is my passion project. I am trying to make it as immersive as possible including a field of daisies and sunflowers as you walk through the museum. And yes, you can walk into his “room.”

I want to invite you to take a look at 3DWebworldz, especially the art regions. If you want to help us expand the art history, please contact us. You can comment on this post, message us through Facebook or contact us in world. Look for MissBrenda or EvieMarie.

Until next week, see you in 3DWebWorldz!

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