Terms of Service


By logging into 3DWW you agree to be bound by these terms of service.

3DWebWorldz is both a classroom/business meeting space and community system. Some users will be conducting business, some having fun in social settings. Please respect each user’s intent and report any infringement or interruption of user intent to management.

Our Terms of Service are written for people not lawyers. Questions and issues should be directed to management.

1.) You are responsible for your own actions. If you break any laws, YOU are responsible, not 3DWW. Please report any questionable activity to management.

2.) Any and all original content you create is YOURS and you retain full creator rights. If you upload your content and offer a copy to our library, you provide consent for others to use your creation. Credit to creators is given through “Region Credits.” To revoke this consent or report issues of content use, please contact management. By creating on 3DWebWorldz you grant 3DWW a full unlimited, non-expiring license to use the products for promotional means.

3) Uploaded Content. You must have permission or own the rights of creations to upload them to 3DWW. If you break a copyright law, you are responsible for that infringement, not 3DWW. Please report any discovered copyright infringement to management. Upon upload, credit to content creator must be added to the “Credit” options as applicable.

4.) Respect, this is a requirement. You must respect other users. Bullying and other forms of harassment will not be tolerated. You are offered a “ban” option for users in our social chat system to discontinue communication with unwanted users. Report any intolerable users to management.

5.) NO ONE under the age of 18 is allowed to have an account on the general 3DWW regions. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO EXCUSES. If you are an educator with parental permission for our classroom tools, please contact management for special account and private classroom options. Please report underage users to management.

6.) If there is a portion of this TOS not covered by your local laws, then the nearest applicable law, in favor of 3DWW, applies.

7.) 3DWW agreements and services are free to change, or be terminated, at any given time. Users will be notified of said changes via email address provided.

8.) Using exploits known or unknown, or any other type code/scripting, to circumvent 3DWW security will result in IMMEDIATE termination of all of your services, and possible legal action.

9.) Any “hacking”, or misuse of network/server resources, will result in IMMEDIATE termination of your account and possible legal action.

10.) If it is illegal in your physical location, it is illegal in 3DWW. All local applicable laws apply.

11.) Just because it is legal in your physical location, does not make it legal on 3DWW. All applicable United States laws apply.

12.) Unused inventory marked as “personal use only” may be deleted from your inventory after a six month time period. Please keep copies on your local machine.

13.) 3DWW management and its agents have final say, period.

By logging into 3dWW you agree to these services of your own free will and understand you are bound by them. Any legal proceedings instigated against 3DWW, or its agents, must be enacted in the accused’s home locale.