Complete set of Docs: 3DWebWorldz Manual .

Q. What is a 3D Website?

A. A 3D Website is regular website, but instead of a classic two-dimensional presentation, you are able to experience the site in three dimensions.  That is a pretty fancy way of saying you can walk into the space and look around. 3DWebWorldz preview is available as a 3DWebsite.  No avatars and no networking - it is a solo adventure. Click here.

Q. What is the 3DWebWorldz Metaverse?

A.  The 3DWebWorldz Metaverse is a collection of 3D Spaces you can experience with others.   You can log in anonymously with one click, as a guest (choose a nametag and avatar), or a member (free registration).  The 3DWebWorldz Metaverse is equipped with avatars and many communication tools.  Enjoy the space with your friends, hold meetings, classes, seminars, etc.

Q. What is 3DWebWorldz  Portal / Grid / Community?

A. 3DWebWorldz Portals allow you to focus on one area of interest.  For example, if you are only interested in visiting or communicating with the ART Community, you can enter through the art portal. Click the Portal 3D Quicklinks button on the top menu to see the available  portals.

Q. How do I move?

A. Click in the 3D space to enter navigation mode. Use your mouse (or swipe) to rotate / control direction.   WASD or Arrow keys to move.  Page up / Page Down or Keys Z and C to adjust height. We suggest you begin your 3DWebWorldz journey with a visit to orientation.

Q. How do I get my cursor back?

A. When you enter navigation mode, your cursor will disappear.  If you need it back to perform an interaction, click the ESC key or your middle mouse button.

Q. Is there a manual that explains everything?

There sure is!  Visit the manual.  Keep in mind that our tools and features expand every day.  If you don't see something you need, please ask.  We are quite friendly!  Use the contact button above for email communication or join our Discord server for live chat.