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Hi, this is Miss Brenda. This week I’ve been exploring some of the cool writer regions in 3DWebWorldz. 3DWebWorldz is home to several writers and has regular writer’s meetups on Monday and Tuesday nights. There are workshops, writing time and critiques. All of which are really cool if you’re a writer. The thing is, if you’re not a writer, you still need to check out the writer’s regions.

This week I’ve been exploring Yvonne DeBandi’s area. Of course there are the traditional things like links to buy her books. (Please do. Writer’s are really struggling to make money right now and need all the support they can get.)

What is so cool is instead of just a blurb to let you know what the book is about, there are virtual walk in areas where you can explore the books.

This image is from the Mina Marz Incident. I don’t know about you, but I really want to know more. I followed the paper trail in and there is all sorts of weird text on the wall. I need to know more. I guess I have to buy the book.

Sandboxed Paradise has a portal to another region that goes more in depth into the story. You actually examine objects to get more information.

I spent the most time exploring Vortex Visions. So, the area also expands into the hallway. Like, there’s a huge mountain coming at you. You walk in and there is a portal to another region. Of course you have to go in, right?

Once inside, you focus on the gems and it opens up more information as you wander through the author’s world. It is seriously a cool way to get introduced to a new book. No spoilers, but check out the next pictures here and then go to 3DWebWorldz and look for Yvonne DeBandi under the writers area so you can experience it yourself.

If you want to get into the writer’s head before you buy a book, check out the writer’s regions on 3DWebWorldz. Each region is as unique as the writer that created it.

If you are a writer or want to be, there are writing exercises and you are welcome to join the writing group. You can even build your own region to let people experience your writing in a whole new way.

Until next week, see you in 3DWebWorldz!

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