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We just encountered this interesting article on real-life museums that you can visit online. Aside from being a fun and educational experience, these types of opportunities are even more exciting  to learn about in the current climate, when public events are being cancelled, and many places which attract large crowds are being shut down for health and safety reasons.

Did you know that you can create your own art gallery or museum online and make it available to visitors around the world? Using our technology, artists and supporters of the arts can create custom-built galleries to display their own art, or join with others and develop a collective experience. Our virtual art galleries are accessible using all of the common web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and do not require the download of additional software, nor any registration process. Visitors are able to walk around these virtual galleries using avatars, and interact with others who are present via text chat and voice, just like a visit to a real (i.e. “brick and mortar”) building. Friends, even those separated by great distances, can plan synchronous visits and spend an hour or a day at a museum together, without leaving their homes!

For exhibitors, we can provide you with pre-built spaces and even help you set up your display. Or we can teach you how to build your own and you can let your imagination soar!

Ready to run your own gallery or museum, take a look at the video below for more information, or visit and get started today. See you in the virtual world!

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