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What: Teacher ToolBox Orientation
Free Workshop to introduce teachers to the Smart Action Software and the Teacher Toolbox.

Date: Apr-25-2020

Time: 06:30 pm-07:30 pm Eastern, USA
(3:30pm Pacific USA, 10:30pm GMT)

Entrance URL:
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Today’s environment has brought an explosion to the scene of online classrooms, and teachers everywhere are scrambling for virtual solutions.  We have the answer to end the chaos!

The Teacher Toolbox offered by was designed to put all the tools you need in one place. That means you can stop searching for those lesson plans or coaching notes for clients, you can even forget about those 2D connection platforms that just don’t quite do the trick.

3DWebWorldz and SmartActionSoftware have partnered in a way that provides you a complete solution.  That’s right, the base of operations for you and your students is just a few clicks away. Whether you teach groups or individuals, and whether you go by professor, teacher, guide, tutor, coach, or instructor, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

The Teacher Toolbox, also known as the Active Creator Toolbox  (A.C.T.) is an easy to use content management solution — developed by teachers for personal use, and now available to you.  Frustrated by the currently available options, they sat down and created one that really worked, putting everything they needed at their finger tips.  Here are a just a few of the options available:

•Class Panel for Collaboration & Shared Documents
•Share content one on one with students when created inside A.C.T.
•Class Agendas and Lesson Plans
•Create Courses, Modules, Lessons, Worksheets
•Expand your own promotion via  community calendar events
•Multiple Choice and Essay Assignments
•Automatic and Manual Grading
•Drip scheduling!

Whether you are a hands-on teacher (live classroom setting) or hands-off teacher (self-study at your own pace), these tools provide everything you need in an easy and affordable option. You don’t have to believe us – try it out for free.  Click here to accept your FREE GOLDEN TICKET.

Speaking of that live classroom setting – has you covered. With a wide assortment of tools and a Walk-In 3D Website using avatars – you and your students will feel like you are physically sitting in the same room.  Only in our world, you can sit next to each other without the worry of keeping of physical distance.  And yes, you can check that out for free too! FREE 3DWebWorldz Registration (you can also enter as a guest!)

JOIN US on 4/25/20 at 6:30pm Eastern Time USA
(3:30 pm Pacific, 10:30 pm GMT) for a free orientation workshop.

Use the links above to get yourself acclimated and come armed with questions about your personal situation. If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent, a coach needing to move their classes online, or anyone needing a solution for working in a virtual environment, you won’t want to miss this.

Our staff is ready to assist your transition, and you will be surprised at the ease and affordability.

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