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A few months ago I visited an elementary school on career day to talk about my life as a self-employed artist. I was invited to come back later to talk at another school. I was looking forward to it. Then suddenly the schools were closed and the world was thrown into chaos. It was disappointing and scary. Things are still in limbo. I know the teachers miss being in the same room with their students and the kids miss their friends.

3DWebWorldz can’t bring everyone together physically but we are trying to make it as close as possible. Evie_Marie, the developer, comes from a teaching background. She has been working on creating virtual classrooms for many years, including her SingSmart Academy for vocal training, so the foundations are already built for parents and teachers to use.

The original plan was to provide tools for homeschooling. No one ever imagined that a global pandemic would throw everything into chaos. Right now, some districts are going back to “normal,” some are virtual only, and others are a combination. Many parents are deciding to homeschool. No one really know what will happen day to day and kids need consistency.

I’m hoping we can help to provide that. Whether you are a teacher or parent, we have tools that can help. 3DWebWorldz is a safe space where students of all ages can gather and learn together.

The most fun and unique thing we offer is virtual fieldtrips. These are immersive educational experiences that are great for individual students or classes. One takes you to Mars where you dig for minerals. Another lets you fly a helicopter around the Grand Canyon. I’ve shared a few in my earlier blogs. They are enjoyable for all ages. I’m 49 and having tons of fun exploring them all. Simply log in to 3DWebWorldz and go to the Education area to check them out. The account is free. You can also choose to come in as a guest. The main difference is having an account lets you customize your avatar, which is one of the coolest parts of virtual reality. Groups of kids can explore together and communicate with voice or text chat. Some regions also have lesson plans to guide the experience.

Another tool is the Smart Action Software Active Creator Toolbox which is designed for teachers. It allows you to create and manage all aspects of your class from a central location.

3DWebWorldz can help you create a complete virtual classroom. We will work with you to create a space that meets your needs, the needs of your students and the needs of your district administrators. 3DWebWorldz is a virtual world that is designed for all ages to safely enjoy. You can decide that your students only have access to content you create or you can allow them to use any of the content on the site. There are multiple levels of security that will work with your requirements.

The only limits are your imagination. 3DWebWorldz worked with a summer camp program. During it, some of the students created their own regions. One wanted a pirate ship sinking so Evie_Marie worked with him to make it happen.

One of the best things with 3DWebWorldz is that you can choose to do as little or as much as you want of the actual region building. If you don’t know anything about 3D building, you can still have a fantastic region. It can be built for you, you can use prebuilt regions and customize them, you can do everything yourself or any combination of the above.

I had not spent much time in 3D worlds before I discovered 3DWebWorldz and within a few weeks I was learning to build my own region. There are great tutorials on the site if you want to learn it yourself.

I’m hoping for the virus to be eradicated so schools can safely reopen. Until they do, 3DWebWorldz is here to help. Actually, we will be here even after that. Virtual education may be the only option at the moment but it was and will continue to be a good choice for some students.

Until next week, see you in 3DWebWorldz.

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