Ugly Sweater Contest: The PRIZE

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I hope you’ve been busily working on designing those ugly holiday sweaters. Why?  Because you want in on this contest.  Not just for the giggles (because my sweater is a trainwreck) but because the PRIZE is AWESOME.


Mmmhmmm…this house can be yours FREE.  Normally, our regions are $9.99 a month, but if you win, you snag 3 months free of charge PLUS a lovely home to get your adventures in 3DWebWorldz started.  Honestly, this thing is pretty incredible.  Wee!  You’ll be able to:

1: Gather your friends before an animated fireplace, with plenty of lounge space in the living room/library!


2: Chill at the generous bar or play preloaded arcade games with friends in your very own game room!


3: Build inside or outside, add furniture, photos, decor, landscaping! Really make yourself at home, right here in your browser!

Our regions allow text and voice chat, and we have pre-built furniture and decor options available for your selection, if you don’t want to design them yourself.  All you have to do is design a sweater, wear that awesome piece of art on your avatar, and show up to our Christmas party tomorrow night!

But what if you don’t win?  Awww…no worries!  If you don’t win it, you can grab your own cozy region for just $9.99 a month OR $99.99 a year (two months free!)…and yes, you can get this awesome starter house for all your personal parties!

Want a sneak peek at the house?  Take a gander at the RentMe–>House Region spot on the Teleport menu. (You can enter as a guest and zoom around, no login required!)

Looking forward to tomorrow night!


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