An Invite to A Virtual Christmas


Whether you’ve been following 3DWebWorldz for some time or are just now discovering our walk-in websites, you are cordially invited to our holiday party!  This weekend, starting Saturday night at 6PM PST/9PM EST on 3DWebWorldz, we will be throwing snowballs and dancing on ice.  Please save December 21st for A Virtual Christmas–and, if you’re so inclined, bring your ugly holiday sweaters to the bash!

You can add your own holiday sweaters via your avatar’s Closet!

Our event will be located on the Social–Christmas region designed by Linda Kellie.  Attendees–that’s YOU, my friend!–will be able to enjoy Christmas tunes, idyllic winter wanderings, a fun group to share holiday tidings with, and contests all in the spirit of this time of year:

  • An Ornament Guessing Challenge

Will you be able to guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree?  The winner will get a prize!

  • Snowballs Snowballs Everywhere!

Our winter wonderland isn’t just snowing: you can now lob snowballs at targets spread out around the zone.  Orrrr…see if you can find a good hiding place for a snowball ambush…and toss a few at your friends!

  • Holiday Photo Ops!

Our avatars have Wearables!  Equip the props on your avatar or anemoji and grab pictures with your friends.  If you send your photos to the blog, you can also be featured on our holiday wrap-up.

And the announcement for a contest we’ve all been waiting for:

  • The Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Upload your own holiday sweater to your avatar and come pose at the party!  You can use the templates provided in this post for either a human (sweater template) or Zendzi avatar (t-shirt template) and your favorite image editor to design your own.  There’s a prize for this winner toooooooo; keep an eye on the blog this week as we prepare for the festivities, and get crafty, friends!

You will be able to attend either as a guest (no login required!) or as a registered member (and yes, it’s a free signup, if you’re not in here yet!) over at

This is gonna be a great time!  I can’t wait to see you there!


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