Monday, Monday – Let’s Write!


Every Monday, writers and readers meet in the 3DWebWorldz Public Library … virtually. No antiseptic or social distance needed. You should join us!

Bring your typing fingers and see how creative you can be (Dani will give you some great creative prompts if you need them!) or bring your favorite book and just hang out with others as you turn the pages.

Need a book to read? Ask one of the authors in-house… they just might pass you something you can’t even get on the shelf yet (no, not Amazon either!). We’re talking brand spanking new.

How do you get there? Easy —

You can join us as a guest by offering only a nametag — what shall we call you today? Oh — one thing though — to join us on the mic during those short breaks, use Google Chrome Browser. Other browsers are being finicky today. Prefer text chat – that works too.

See you there!

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