3D Fieldtrip to the Virginia Museum of Natural History

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Hi all! I’m Miss Brenda. This week I’ve been exploring the Virginia Museum of Natural History on 3DWebWorldz. I had a little help. Meet Lefty. One of my 3 furry office assistants. He sometimes forgets he’s not see through.

Thanks to Dr. William Schmachtenberg for building this amazing interactive field trip. As you explore the museum you can click on the numbers to get more information on each exhibit. It was designed to be educational. Of course I just visited because it looked like fun. I was right.

It is also a really great way for kids to learn. Especially if you are homeschooling which I know many people are doing whether they want to or not. It would make an awesome play date. Get a few kids to login at the same time to 3dWebWorldz and they can explore together. The site is family friendly. There is both text chat and voice chat. It works on most systems including Chromebooks so there shouldn’t be any problems accessing it. If you want to experience it alone or don’t want your child able to interact with people you don’t know, login through 3DPortals. The sites are all the same as 3DWebWorldz but there is no avatar interaction.

Back to the museum. As you wander there are questions and answers and extra information when you click the numbers. There are also exhibits that you can only see in the 3D version so even if you’ve been to the real world museum, there’s cool stuff you haven’t seen yet.

There’s a sitting area with an amazing view of the mountains. So if you need to take a break from the exhibits, you can chill for a few minutes. It’s also a great group space to hang with friends.

Dr. Schmachtenberg took the time to talk with Jamie Jordan about how his love of science led him to build this. Check out the video below.

This isn’t the Allosaurus that you would see IRL at the Virginia Natural History Museum but it sure is a cool T-Rex. He just looks so huggable. Of course I would look at a huge reptile and think it needed a hug. Just look at that face. We’re still working on hugging in 3DWebWorldz so I couldn’t quite make that happen. I did, however, climb up and sit on him. How could I resist? Until next time, see you in 3DWebWorldz.

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