Avatars have Moved In to 3DWebWorldz.com – A Walk-In Website


We Need Your Help!

3DWebWorldz.com 2020 Update is officially in Beta Release and we need your help.  Your opinions and experience notes are of great value to us.  Come check it out and share your thoughts!

Post them in our Discord Server or send us a private message here.

What is 3DWebWorldz?

It’s the future of the internet – web pages you can walk into, spaces not pages, 3D not 2D.  You get there via web link using your favorite browser (Chrome recommended, but all major browsers are supported). If you just want to look around, enter as a Guest.  No email or identification is required. Don’t be startled if you see others walking around too, it is a connected immersive experience.

What’s New?

There have been a lot of big changes with our latest release, the most noticeable being avatars you can customize.  You can choose a body shape and even change your clothes.  Upon landing, you will borrow a default Zendzi body, but you can customize and choose your own by visiting a personal dressing room and closet that is all your own.

Not sure how to take advantage of the new options?

  • Visit Orientation Part I – for basics such as movement, viewing and communication options.
  • Visit Orientation Part II – for avatar customization.
  • Note – only registered users can customize their avatars.  Join us!  It’s free.

You can also visit our KNOWLEDGE BASE for written instruction.

Guests and new registered users will automagically land in Orientation, but if you find yourself on another region it’s an easy teleport.

Find this button on the toolbar and click it. Then click the region name to instantly teleport.

Sneak Peek

Here is what you will see upon walking into Orientation Part I, although I may or may not be there to wave at you!

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact us.  We’ll be happy to give you a personal tour.

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