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Avatar Customization – The Basics

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Getting Started

When you arrive on 3DWebWorldz (and have not already customized an avatar), our unique genderless characters known as Zendzis™ let you borrow a body. You will look like the following image coupled with the expressive pal, Anemoji™ above your head:

Before you begin Customizing – Let’s Talk about Browser Cache

Anytime you open a web page, your browser downloads everything you need to view that page. The easiest way to think about it is with images. The first time you visit a page with a lot of images, it will take longer than the second time. Why? Because your browser has already stored those images in its cache. On the second visit, you are actually pulling the images from that cache on your workstation… and not from across the web and the original server.

3DWebWorldz is a Virtual World in a Web Browser. The first time you visit one of our worlds, it will take a tad bit longer to rez the region than the second. The same is true for your closet. We have done some magic behind the scenes and asked the web browsers to ignore the cache and refresh your avatar with each customized choice… but they don’t always listen. If you make a custom choice (for example – change your shirt), but don’t see the result, you need to do a hard reload or manually clear your cache. On many browsers you can do a hard reload with CNTL+F5.

If you end up having to manually clear your browser cache, please don’t be hasty. There is usually a checkbox that allows you to choose ONLY images and files. Doing a wide scale clearing of cache without making that choice could also clear your saved passwords (ouch!).

We found this guide (active as of 11/23/19) for clearing the cache in the most common web browsers, but if you don’t see what you need, do your own search. Still have trouble? Contact us and we will tackle the problem together.

Teleport to your Private Dressing Room

Because of the cache issue just described, we recommend getting dressed in your own personal dressing room. This will make sure you arrive in your latest stylings.

To enter your private dressing room, locate and click this button on your main toolbar.

Opening your Personal Closet

Find this button on the main toolbar.

When you click it, it will open up a NEW TAB in your browser. If you don’t see it, check for a pop-up blocker to make sure your browser hasn’t blocked this action.

Choose your Body Shape

The Nitty Gritty – What to do Next

Each body shape choice has a button menu at the bottom. Click one to begin customization.

Customization Windows

Your available options are shown in the scroll box. FIND YOUR NUMBER and then use the pull down menu at the top to make the choice.

Human body shapes can wear skins and clothing from any of the human categories. Feel free to mix it up.

Remember, if you don’t see your custom choice on your avatar – CLEAR YOUR CACHE and reload the window.

How Do I Get My Customized Choice out of my Closet and into 3DWW?

<- Reload World Button

Easy. Switch back to the browser tab that shows you in a region and find the reload world button. Click it and Voila!

Hot Tip: You can use the browser reload button in your closet BUT NOT inside a 3DWW region. Use the Reload World Button instead. Reloading the browser there will log you out.

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