3DWebWorldz Feature Spotlight Radar


Most of the spaces in 3DWebWorldz  are open to the public. If you are in an area with other people it can be very helpful to know who’s around you.  That’s where radar comes in. Anyone can access radar by clicking on the target on the bottom toolbar as seen below. Radar allows you to see everyone in the region where you are and in the world as a whole.

Members who have a space on 3DWebWorldz also have the ability to remove someone that may be causing trouble with the ban IP button.  

Hitting the Go button next to anyone’s name on the radar, allows you to quickly and easily teleport to where they are.  This way you’re never lost. Try it for yourself by using the radar button on the bottom toolbar.  it’s accessible to everyone, whether you are logged in as a member or a guest. 

3DWebWorldz Upcoming Events

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Easy to say, easy to remember. See you there!

Tuesdays (10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific)
Members and guests convene on Tuesday Nights to share new chapters of their novel in progress for constructive critique. New beta readers and members welcome.
If you like to write or read, join us! Fun group.

Block: Writer Workshop and Bookstore
Thursdays (9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific)
Join us for movie night with other folks from all around the world. It’s a great social way to spend a Thursday night.

Block: Movie Theater
Fridays, Every other week (3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific)
2022 Dates:

Join us at the welcome center for a virtual coffee and chit chat about 3DWebWorldz and stuff!

Default landing – Orientation
Just log in as guest or member and land!
Fridays (9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific)
Friday Night Fun is always a thing and usually involves live music with professional performers streaming video. Although, we have some fabulous DJs that step in occasionally too!

—- ON DECK 2021 —-
02/25: Whirli Placebo

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