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New here and need some help? We have you covered. Check the blog regularly for tips on how to make the most of your 3DWebWorldZ experience. It’s easy to log in as a guest, but creating an account opens up lots of features you can’t get as a guest. Want to build your own world or maybe put your pictures in a gallery? Create an account.

3DWW-0000 : Free Registration, Member Login and Guest Entrance

B. Free Member Registration & First Login
Become a 3DWebWorldz.com Citizen!
Video and Text Instructions


Watch full screen.



STEP 01:  Visit https://3DWebWorldz.com 




STEP 03: Fill out the presented form.

a. Username — Choose an identifying name. We recommend using an underscore for spaces. This identification will appear as text above your avatar, in chat boxes, radar (who’s online), your profile and other locations.

3DWebWorldz is a family friendly environment. We reserve the right to change your username or delete your account if an offensive or inappropriate name is chosen.  Please be respectful.

b. Password — choose a strong and unique password.  As with all password accounts, we recommend using one that is different from others on your personal password list.

c. Confirm Password — type it again to ensure accuracy.  Might be a good idea to write it down in your secret password book!

d. Email — check your email for accuracy. We DO NOT spam and will never sell your email address.  We will however, send you important information about your account as needed.

e. Check the I’m Not a Robot Box.

f. Review our Terms and Policies by clicking the provided link.

g. Click the REGISTER BUTTON across the window bottom.

You will be immediately notified on the screen if you need to make alterations to your submission.  Otherwise you will see this message: “You have successfully registered, you can now login!


STEP 04: Click the Login Tab to continue.

STEP 05:  Enter your username and password and  LOGIN!  

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