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The potential to teach a class online in a virtual immersive space provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for both teachers and students. You no longer have to be in the same city or town to take (or teach) a class on a topic that interests you. There are no “snow days”. And, as we’ve recently discussed, you can attend class when you’re not feeling well, or without worrying about being in class with someone who is sick.

Also, if your virtual classroom is created in partnership with 3DWebworldz, you can choose from pre-built classrooms designed in the styles and layouts that suit you, have us build a custom class space for you, or even learn to build your own!

Here are just a few examples of how virtual classrooms can be configured.

We’re at the entryway to one of our standard classrooms. This is what your students will see when they login. When it’s time for class, just go inside and take a seat!

Once inside, students feel at home, like they are in the classrooms they experience now, or remember from elementary or high school, even university!  As the class fills up, participants see their classmates sitting in front, behind or next to them. Teaching tools like our Virtual Chalkboard (explained in a different post), are completely visible and accessible.

The instructors view from the front makes it possible to see everyone in attendance, which facilitates discussion (and record keeping, if needed). Even better, the nature of the virtual space has prompted many teachers to admit that they feel less tense or inhibited than they do in a “physical” classroom!

If the style of this example classroom doesn’t appeal to you, take a look at this alternative approach, which has a similar, traditional classroom layout, but quite a different vibe because of the desk furniture, wall treatments, and other design elements. As noted, classrooms can be built to suit, or we can teach you how to construct your own. Compared to real structures, the time it takes to build a new room or an entire school is extremely fast, and the costs are incredibly low, making change or expansion very easy!

If your teaching style requires you to divide your class into small groups – well we can accommodate that as well. This group activity room would be perfect for a high school level of instruction or higher, and the potential for design change means we could create an “elementary friendly” space in a flash!

For those who like smaller, more intimate, or less formal instruction settings – like a graduate symposium or a book club for example, well we have that covered as well.

We could go on and on with examples of the education environments we have constructed, or those our clients have built on their own, but we hope this brief article gives you a flavor of the options and the flexibility that exists when you choose to use virtual classrooms! Feel free to go online to learn more about how to make this happen for you, or contact us for more information!

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