3DWebWorldz Presents James Olmos Video Streaming Live Tonight @ 6PM PDT


James is back and he’s ready to party, but it won’t be a party without YOU, It’s always a good time with great original music. There’s something cool about a live show you don’t have to get dressed up to attend. The crowd is a huge part of a James show. Join us and be part of the concert instead of watching the concert

WHO: James OlmosBROWSER Address: https://livemusic3d.com/jamesolmos/ Just click the link and log in as a guest or create an account to be taken to the show.Need help logging in? Check out this video. https://youtu.be/X6xOlDRACgc LiveMusic3D is part of 3DWebWorldz.com
WHEN: Friday 09/04/20, 6PM Pacific Time

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