3DWebWorldz and Live Music – it Rocks!

Live Music News

Looking for something to do on Friday Nights?  How about dancing virtual style to some top notch live music, right here in your web browser?

We want to give a big shout out to Riding A Wheelie Productions  and Jamie Jordan who arranges weekly Friday Night live music. This month we have a full schedule. Shows are  on Friday nights at 6pm Pacific (9PM Eastern).

You can attend our live concerts by entering 3dWebWorldz.com or LiveMusic3D.com It’s easy! Click the button that suits your needs to enter.  Guests can enter with no credentials (just enter a nametag so we know what to call you during your visit!), Members log in — or newbies can always follow the Free Registration process.  It only takes a few seconds.

RAW Productions is not the only music cat in the house, 3DWebWorldz is pleased to share that Progressive Edge Records, who recently merged with Golden Globe Entertainment, has decided to make 3DWebWorldz.com its virtual home.  We look forward to seeing how they bring their activities to life on our virtual lands.  If you see Tainted Angel, be sure to give a big hello, like we always do for new members here.  Here is what she had to say after their first region went live:

“We here at Progressive Edge Records have just merged  last week with Golden Globe Entertainment and Super Star Entertainment Consultants and during this process we wanted to step up our game with web presence and interactions and so we came across this site called 3DWebWorldz and OMG… This is amazing!!! They have been so helpful and kind walking me through the process of having our own 3D website you can walk into from any browser. I know that we will be using their services for years to come. You guys have got to check them out!!!! This really helped us step up our game with 3D worlds where we can have live concerts, meetings or just hang out. You don’t install Anything. Create a free account, choose your region and you’re gold…. If you’re looking for a 3D chat, dance or to socialize, hold business meetings, this is the way to go.”

You can visit them at their Corporate Headquarters under the business section in the teleport directory : SE3D. Other regions are currently under construction, but keep an eye out for new and exciting things from them!

Have a super day, my friends!

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