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It’s Feature Friday here at 3DWebWorldz, where we work to help you become familiar with all the great things you can do inside your web browser and our many, many worlds.  Today, however, it is NEW FEATURE FRIDAY and we issue an invitation.  We are calling all those Bug Chasers and Beta Testers to test the new CUSTOMIZE INTERFACE option . Registered members only – sorry, this feature is not available to guest visitors.  If you are not yet a member, SIGN UP – IT’S FREE!

(1) Visit  Evie’s Super Secret (usually) Development Region.

After logging in, click the Teleport Directory Button and choose it from the featured regions. Once this region is removed from the featured menu it will go back to some secret universe in another realm — so don’t miss your chance!


(2) Open the Customize User Interface Panel.
Once you land on this region, notice the new pull down menu at the top.  Pull down Avatar and choose Customize User Interface to open the panel you see in the picture below.


(3) Bottom Toolbar: Check the buttons you want on your toolbar or uncheck the ones you don’t need.


(4) World Announcements, Region Announcements:

World Announcements are displayed in a purple bar across the top of your screen and can be seen from any region. Region Announcements are specific to each region and provided by the region owner. They are displayed in the upper left corner under the World Announcements. If you want to see those each time you land, keep those boxes checked. Uncheck them, if not.

No matter how you set your default screen, you can toggle the announcements on and off with the New Announcement Icon in the top bar.


(5) Local Chat Splash – If checked, this feature will be waiting on your screen every time you teleport to a new region or reload your current world.  No matter how you set your default screen you can toggle this feature on and off by using the pull-down menu: Communicate: Local Chat Splash

(6) Main Toolbar (bottom), Option Toolbar (Pull downs at top), and the Social toolbar (Vertical on right):  To have them open and ready to use on region landing, keep those checked.  If you prefer them to be minimized to one button on region landing, uncheck them.  Each of the toolbars has a slideout button that allows you to hide/show with one click, no matter how you set up your screen.

Regardless of how you customize things at your fingertips, all options are still ready for you to use. The new Option Toolbar across the top is filled with all of the features. You will always be able to get what you need at a moments notice from there.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the toolbars shown in images above and whatever changes you make right now,  are only currently available on this Development Region.  Once the feature goes live, however, the changes you made during your test will automatically be set on your screen. So come check it out and get yourself all set up ahead of time.

Have fun!

Until Next Time,


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