Making Meetings In The Metaverse Easy


Have you been using Zoom lately for your business or group meeting and thought to yourself  “I need it to do more.” We would like to introduce you to the 3DWebWorldZ answer to meetings. it’s a custom installation powered by jitsi and here’s a small list of what is possible.
Meet face-to-face with your group just like Zoom but here’s where it gets better.
Everyone on a call can share their screen at the same time, in real-time allowing everyone else on the call to see what multiple people are presenting all at once. This is great for team presentations. You always know who’s screen you’re looking at because their face will also be visible in a very small portion of the window. You can stream your meeting to a streaming service like YouTube, so if someone can’t be there in person, they can see what’s happing live, wherever they are. Each meeting also has a shareable link so anyone can join if they have a cell phone or tablet and can’t make it into 3D. You can share files, take questions from anyone at any time with the ability to mute speakers and control who has the floor. We could go on for hours telling you about the features but you would probably rather see it in action. The video below is just one example of what is possible.

 If you have a business or group meeting and need presentation abilities that go beyond Zoom, we want to talk to you. At 3DWebWorldZ your needs are our top priority.

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