James Olmos is back from the beach @ 6PM PDT


He’s back after a month on the beach. Help us get him back to work. Great music in a relaxed atmosphere with people who can’t wait to meet you. If you’ve been to a James show before, you know it’s a social event and the crowd is a part of the concert. Click below for a little music to get you ready. If you’d like a little help, check out our brand new user manual. https://3dwebworldz.com/manuals/

WHO: James Olmos
BROWSER Address: https://livemusic3d.com/
Click the link above to be taken to the show. Log in as a guest, or register for more features, and you will be dropped right into the venue.
LiveMusic3D is part of 3DWebWorldz.com
WHEN: Friday 06/11/21, 6PM Pacific Time.

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