James Is Streaming Live From Socal Tonight @6PM PDT


https://livemusic3d.com is your ticket to a great show

We invite you to experience concerts in the metaverse. That’s a big word lots of people have been throwing around. All it means is going to an event without leaving your house. https://livemusic3d.com will get you there. The audience is a huge part of a James Show and you will meet people from around the world. (LiveMusic3D a multi-user portal of https://3dwebworldz.com that logs in directly to the venue.)

Check out our user manual for help. https://3dwebworldz.com/manuals/

About James Olmos
It doesn’t matter if he is serving original ballads or catchy covers; James’s soothing guitar, harmonious voice, and lyrical prowess will take you on a musical dream not to be missed! Covering songs from Eric Clapton to Norah Jones; Gun’s N Roses to John Mayer as well as ORIGINALS that will leave you BREATHLESS

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