James is here to help you get over the Turkey coma tonight @ 6PM PST


https://livemusic3d.com is your ticket to a great show

We know you need a break from your family after Thanksgiving :-).  Join us for music and fun with James. It’s an upbeat concert with folks around the world in the metaverse and you don’t even have to leave your house. 

Check out our user manual for help. https://3dwebworldz.com/manuals/

About James Olmos
It doesn’t matter if he is serving original ballads or catchy covers; James’s soothing guitar, harmonious voice, and lyrical prowess will take you on a musical dream not to be missed! Covering songs from Eric Clapton to Norah Jones; Gun’s N Roses to John Mayer as well as ORIGINALS that will leave you BREATHLESS

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