Who doesn’t? Did you know the Mesh Library is FULL of FREE ITEMS for you to build your region in 3DWebWorldz? That’s right, whether you are building a virtual classroom, a meeting space or even your virtual dream home, you can enjoy free shopping within the library all day long. Not only that.  If you need a library item and can’t find it, all you have to do is make a request (  Our team will do everything we can to make sure you get the 3D Object items you need. We recently had a request for more house plants in clay pots. 

To find the new objects as individual plants, search “potted” in the mesh library.

The entire herb garden is also available as one object: Easy Id #5694.

As we mentioned, these items are FREE to USE for 3DWebWorldz Regions.  But DID YOU KNOW you can also use these objects in other virtual worlds or your 3D projects? Download them from here:
Yes! I want to do some free shopping!  How do I get my own region?

Rent your own region starting at $4.99 a month!

Click here for more details: Get Your Own Virtual Region or 3D Website – 3DWebWorldz News & Support


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