Dancing at the Club Without Leaving the House

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Miss Brenda here. One of the things I’m missing the most these days is live music. I’ve seen many artists trying to recreate the live experience in different ways. The problem is, you feel like you’re watching a show. 3DWebWorldz lets you become part of it.

There’s people dancing. Sometimes between songs when there’s no music. We’ve all seen that. Shoot, many of us have been that person. There’s an Instamoji where you can even hold up a lighter. All sorts of “people” were there. In the picture you can see some. The alien looking ones are Zendzis. I’ll explore their world more later. I’m still working on my human avatar at the moment. I’ll be talking about changing clothes later. That was an adventure in itself.

Note the guy in green next to the stage. I think he’s the bouncer. LOL I hung out near the front of the stage. That’s my normal spot when I go to a show. Some people skirted the edges dancing or just chilling and listening to a great show by EffinJay.

There are a few technical things you need to know so you can completely immerse yourself. When you come into 3DWebworldz, upcoming events are listed and you can click to get to the region hosting. Once there, see the graphic below for how to get the live audio and video.

I can never decide if I want my screen minimalist or if I want access to everything at once. Luckily there are bunches of ways to easily customize it.

Even before the pandemic, I wasn’t able to get out to shows as much as I wanted. 3DWebWorldz provides a great alternative. It also allows me to go to shows by artists that are in other areas. It’s a great way to explore without having to leave the house. I heard there will be a comedy house opening up soon! Can’t wait! By the way, the content on the site is family friendly so no worries.

Continue to explore with me and I hope to see you at one of the Friday night concerts. 6PM Pacific time every Friday night at 3DWebWorldz.

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