3DWebWorldz Presents The Dynamic Duo Streaming live Video From The Swamp Tonight @ 6PM PST

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We are ready but It ain’t a party without you. Frogg and Jay are bringing the music and you’re invited. They will be live on video with multi camera glory. It looks so good it’s just like being there. Come join a great group of folks from all over the world. This party needs you. All you need is a web browser. They are one of the best duos on the web and you will not be disappointed.
WHO: Frogg Marlowe and Jay Catt (Effinjay)WHERE: https://livemusic3d.com/effinjay/ Just click the link and log in as a guest or create an account to be taken to the show. Need help logging in? Check out our new user manual. https://3dwebworldz.com/manuals/
WHEN: Friday 12/18/20, 6:00 PM PacificTime

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