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3DWebWorldz Quick Tip: Direct Entrance Portals

Only interested in a certain part of 3DWebWorldz or need to get someplace quickly? Our dedicated portals can help.

3DWW-0000 : Free Registration, Member Login and Guest Entrance

D. Portal WebSite Entrances
for Members and Guests

In the sections above, we guided you from the main entrance.  Guests landed in the train station and members landed on their personal home page.  But, what if you have a specific interest and only want to visit regions dedicated to that topic?  3DWebWorldz direct entrance portals might be for you.

Watch the example video to see what we mean, but be sure to read below to get a list of our current available direct entrance portals.  

Portals are also an easy option when inviting a friend to join you for the first time. This will ensure you both land in the same place without any complications!

Each portal entrance will provide you a direct teleport to their lobby upon login. Meaning it will bypass the member home page, and give you instant region access.

Each portal lobby is equipped with an elevator dedicated to regions on your chosen topic.  Of course, you can always use the teleport directory from your toolbar menus too. You still have access to all public 3DWebWorldz regions, but portal lobbies are dedicated to helping you explore your specific interest.

Each portal login resembles the main entrance site with the domain in the header and user entrance buttons. Same process – different landing location.


Direct Landing Screenshot: 3DWW Campus Lobby

Campus Elevators:



Direct Landing Screenshot:  Public Library.  Immerse yourself in a good book, enter a literary excursion, join us for a writer or book club event.  We have several authors working on 3DWebWorldz – some of them have even created virtual book experiences!



Landing Screenshot:  Art Gallery Lobby.  Explore the regions to discover new artists, as well as the art history galleries to celebrate some of the greats. 


Direct Screenshot Landing:  Event Lobby.  Every week we hold events.  Some of our live artists even have their own dedicated LiveMusic3D.com page, which you can see by visiting the master link.  Coming in to dance with us on Friday night?  This portal might be your preferred entry point.


Direct Landing Screenshot:  Office Building Lobby.  Did you know you can get your own virtual office?


3DWebWorldz Upcoming Events

Use Portal Web Links to easily share the destination with your friends.
Easy to say, easy to remember. See you there!

Sundays (9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific)
Join us for movie night with other folks from all around the world. It’s a great social way to spend a Sunday night.

Block: Movie Theater
Tuesdays (10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific)
Members and guests convene on Tuesday Nights to share new chapters of their novel in progress for constructive critique. New beta readers and members welcome.
If you like to write or read, join us! Fun group.

Block: Writer Workshop and Bookstore
Fridays, Every other week (3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific)
2021 Dates: 11/19, 12/3, 12/17, 12/31
Join us at the welcome center for a virtual coffee and chit chat about 3DWebWorldz and stuff!

Default landing – Orientation
Just log in as guest or member and land!
Fridays (9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific)
Friday Night Fun is always a thing and usually involves live music with professional performers streaming video. Although, we have some fabulous DJs that step in occasionally too!

—- ON DECK 2021 —-
11/19: Effinjay
11/26: James Olmos

Choose the performer block for direct login.
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