Thursday, January 28, 2021

User Interface Settings – Customize Your Screen

You are here: UPDATE – 2/6/20

(1) Click the UI Button Across the Top

(2) Check / Uncheck what you want to show/hide.

(3) Click Save My Changes. Done!

The top toolbar provides access to ALL FEATURES at all times… but you can minimize that bar to one button too.

No matter… either way you can have it your way, and it is super easy to set. So easy in fact, there really is no way to mess it up. But if you do want to start over, click the RESET to DEFAULT SETTINGS button at the top.

You can make changes as often as you like – they will instantly become your default every time you make them. Your default settings will persist when you login, teleport, and reload your world. Of course, no matter what your default settings are, you can always get everything out of your way on the fly using our hide toolbar buttons.

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