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Understanding Building Rights

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You can make changes only to regions for which you have building rights.

I have building rights – why does the BUILDING TOOL  say I don’t?

If you enter a region where you believe you have building rights, but when you click on the Edit Region Tools button, you receive a message that you do not have such rights (or the name of the region listed doesn’t match the one where you are standing), do the following:

  • RIGHT CLICK inside the building tools window (not the world window, but over the tools panel).
  • choose RELOAD FRAME (not reload).

If this does not solve the problem, contact the region owner or contact Customer Support.

*Geek Explanation: The building tools are an overlay so you can reload your world without this panel closing. Some browsers don’t update this overlay when you teleport hop. Simple click fix – the region name listed on the editing panel should be the same as your location.


The buttons below are not part of the default toolbar settings.  Use the Top Toolbar >>Regions>>Building Tools. To add these buttons to your bottom toolbar, customize your interface.

   Use the Edit Region Tools button to get started, see the notes above and buttons directly below if you have any problems

   Find the Region Owner, if necessary, by clicking the Region Information and Build Credits button

   Connect with 3DWW Staff with the Customer Support Button

When you are on a region where you have building rights and select the Edit Region Tools button, you will see a window that looks like this:

Once you have access to this Editing Tools menu, you can proceed to whatever tasks you wish to perform. See additional articles in the Knowledge Base to learn a variety of building tasks.

Region owners have automatic building rights.  If you wish for others to build on your land, click the blue Manage Region button to add them to the Builder Whitelist.

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