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How do I add Animated Objects / NPCs to my region?

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In order for your objects to automatically play animations – the animation name needs to be set to “idle” (all lowercase).

Using this sketchfab model as an example.

In this case, we were able to download the zipped autoconverted GLTF from and import into 3DWW without making any changes. The entire process took less than two minutes. If you download a model that has their animations set to a different name, open the file in Blender and double click the animation title. Change the name to “idle” as depicted next to the red arrow in image above.

Step by Step Import Process for this model (took less than two minutes):

1. Clicked the Download 3D Model button on the model page.

2. Chose Autoconverted GLTF from the pop-up window and saved to personal harddrive.

3. Opened Building Tools in 3DWebWorldz by clicking this button on the toolbar:

4. Clicked the EDIT TOOLS, ASSETS and OBJECTS button.

5. Click the Mesh (zipped gltf) Button in the Upload and Prepare Section.

6. Fill out the 3DWW form.


  • Sketchfab autoconverted GLTFs are all named “scene.gltf” (for the filename field).
  • On the Sketchfab model page, right click on the creators name and choose “copy link”. Paste that in the Creator Credits field. Important!

7. Click the upload button at the bottom of the form.

That’s it! You will receive a “File Uploaded Successfully” message if no errors occurred. Your animated mesh can now be added to any region where you have building rights.

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