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How do I add an Event to the 3DWW Calendar System?

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**Region Owners can set events on their own.  If you are not a region owner, but wish to hold an event on one of our public regions, contact support and we will get  you all set up! You can also reach out to us on the 3DWW Discord Server.

1) Click this button on the bottom toolbar (Customize Your Toolbar).

or from the Top Toolbar:   Events >> Add An Event

2) On the panel that opens, click the Manage Your Events button.

3) Use your Event Manager

4) Click Add a New Event at the top to fill out a simple form or use the Edit / Duplicate / Delete buttons to adjust your calendar announcement. **NOTE:  If you EDIT an ad, please double check the time before saving.  Some browsers like to clear the time field when the form opens.

5) After Adding or Editing your Announcement, you will see a red confirmation message (as shown in image above).

6) To view your listing on the 3DWW CalendarRELOAD YOUR WORLD so the system can update your browser.

Click the Event Calendar button from the bottom toolbar (not a default button, learn how to turn on here).

or from the Top Toolbar:  Events >> Event Calendar.  Scroll to your date to see your listing!


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