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How do I add a sky to my region? (Text Version)

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This tutorial will explain how to initialize or change the sky in a region.

If you have any problem accessing the Editing Tools Menu, see the tutorial on Understanding Building Rights

Choose Your Sky Texture: You’ll note that the current texture is “Default”. In order to access the textures to choose from, scroll back to the top of the menu you are in, and select the green button labeled “View Texture Library”. In general, you will want to choose “Sky” from first drop down box, and “All Textures Available to Me” from the second, and then choose the “Change Filter Button” to see what your choices are (see top left of the image below. When you have chosen the sky texture you wish to display, make a note of the RED number listed on it’s respective slide (e.g., 1031, 779, 52, etc.)

Return to your new object and select the “Edit” button for that object.

You will see the expanded menu as illustrated in on the image on the left, below. This menu includes a blank box for you to type your own description (or make other entry as “My Notes”), for easier reference, and a “Prim Texture” box. Type the Red number of the image you selected in the “Prim Texture” Box. In the image on the right below, you can see that I have chosen to write “My expansive sky” in the “My Notes Box” and have selected texture number 49, which is called “360 Sky 02” as my texture.


Once your (optional) notes are added and texture selection is completed, scroll to the bottom of your newly textured object and choose “Save My Changes”. The Question Mark image should now change to reflect the new texture choice you made.


Because 3DWW is a browser-based environment, the changes you made will not be visible to you in your browser window until you have reloaded the browser address, which you can do by selecting the “Reload World” button on the bottom menu. Once reloaded, your new sky should be in place for you to enjoy.

Should you ever wish to change the sky in a region, you can go to that specific object (in our example, it is number 6201, your number will depend on the order in which you build things) once again choose the edit button, and replace the texture number with your new selection. Then save the object again and reload the world and you’re done!

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