Monday, March 08, 2021

How do I Access Video for a Live Event

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1) Access the Video Panel by clicking this button on the bottom toolbar (not a default button).

Or from the TOP TOOLBAR:  Events >> EVENT LIVE VIDEO

2) Click the START BUTTON

3) The Video Code will be provided in chat by your hostess or in 3DWW World Announcements for 3DWW Sponsored Events. 3DWW World Announcements default to the purple bar that floats at the top of your screen.  If you have turned it off, you can reopen using the Announcement Icon to the left of the top tool bar.

– On and Off.  Depending on your custom settings, or how you have arranged your screen, you may need to click it twice.

COPY AND PASTE the video code into the provided spot. Click Join an existing session.

TIP:  If a hostess provides the code in CHAT — click the Chat History button to easily copy it. Don’t forget to return to Live Chat or you might miss something important!

That’s it! Both audio and video are included through this interface.  You can resize and move the window around your screen.  Don’t be shy about manipulating those borders to get it your exact desired size.

Troubleshooting:  If video and/or sound does not work for you – check your browser settings to make sure you have provided permission for 3DWW or A2Z to stream video to you.

Also check your Flash settings. Some users have reported needing to make adjustments.



Video Performances must be approved by management.  Performers, please contact support for access to webcam to inworld controls.

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