Thursday, September 24, 2020

How Do I Access a Live Audio Stream Performance?

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** These instructions are for audio only.  For Video Events, click here.

1) Click this button on the bottom toolbar (Customize Your Toolbar)

or from the Top Tool Bar:  Events >> EVENT LIVE AUDIO

2) The bottom section of this panel has a listing of our live performance channels.  Click the button of your choice and don’t forget to click CHANGE MY STATION.

If this feature is new to you — it is also a personal radio!  Want to listen to some tunes while your explore?  You pick a radio station the same way.

3)  When you are done listening, open the same panel and choose Turn Radio Off, then Change My Station button.


a) Are your speakers plugged in, turned on and set to have volume?

b) Check your system sound devices to make sure your browser is directing stream to right set of speakers.

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