Thursday, January 28, 2021

Avatar Textures – Can I Upload My Own Avatar Textures?

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Sure you can. Each of the custom panels have an upload button. If you don’t find what you are looking for, use the templates below to create your own texture using a program such as Gimp, PhotoShop or PaintShopPro. Please remember that 3DWebWorldz is a G-rated Virtual World. The avatars have been altered to remove the private areas. Your clothing must cover those areas or they will not fit properly. Need help? Contact us.


Right Click / Save Image As

Human Head and Face Template (by Chip Midnight – Thanks Chip!)

Human Lower Body and Pants Template

Human Upper Body and T-shirt Template

Zendzi Pants Templates

Zendzi Shirt Templates

Zendzi Custom Skin TemplateDownload PSD (Photoshop File).
Zendzis are fun with just a single color, single pattern or a gradient, but if you want to get more creative… use the template. Sample custom skin below (GeekPeppermint Zendzi).

All other textures should be square 512×512 images.

Many thanks to Linda Kellie and Robin Wood for the creation of these templates.

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