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Avatar Wearables

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You can further customize your avatar by adding personality to your Anemoji. There are a lot of options!

These functions are all accessed from your Personal Avatar Closet.

Click the t-shirt button from the bottom toolbar to open your closet.

Wearables Library

To peruse the Wearables Library, click the button with same title from the bottom of your menu.

Wearables Panel

To open the Wearables Panel, click the button titled “Wearables” from the buttons along the bottom Closet menu.

Add New Attachment:

– See the pictures in the Wearables Library above? The RED Easy ID Number in the library matches the number in the pull down list. Type the number in the box for fast attaching or scroll through the list (alphabetical by description). Add to Closet inventory or choose an attachment point.

Your Inventory:

– Keep your favorite items in your inventory for super fast attachment options. To add the attachment, pull down the box and choose an attachment point, click the Add It button. To remove an item from your inventory, click Purge.

Active Attachments:

– This area shows you the items you currently have attached. Up to six attachment points – only ONE per point. A second attachment on the same point will be ignored. If you accidentally attach two items to the same attachment number, click Detach to send it back to your closet inventory and add it again on a different point.

Changing the Wearable Location

Most of the Wearables are set to attach to good location already, but you can move them around using the same building tools used in region development.

Click in the closet and then CNTL+ALT+I to open the Inspector Edit Panel.

ESCAPE to regain your cursor (if needed).

Follow the Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Expand items in left panel until you see wearables 1-6.
  2. Click the EDIT BUTTON in WEARABLE PANEL next to the wearable you want to move, rotate or scale.
  3. Move, Rotate or Scale the item (click appropriate tool at top of window).
  4. COPY FINAL NUMBERS from right panel into Wearable Edit Panel and save your changes.
  5. Reload Your Closet using the RELOAD BUTTON.

HOT TIP: Once you make a change, the system will remember it (if you keep the items in your closet). This makes it easy to take items on and off. If you PURGE IT, your edits are forgotten.

FAQ: How can I rotate my view in the Closet Inspector Window?

Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
Using your mouse buttons and drag will rotate and pan across the screen.

It just takes a little practice, so give it a shot. If thinks get borked, just reload your closet with the Reload Button and try again. NO CHANGES will be saved until you click the SAVE MY CHANGES button.

Have fun!

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