EV01 Human Avatars

Evolution 01

Avatars - Choose a body gender and hairstyle.

Skin EV01 - Change your avatar skin (feminine/masculine)

Shirts, Pants, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Nails - change the color or texture.

Animations - test the animations with your chosen avatar.

Templates - Opens a new browser tab with templates to create new skins/clothes/etc., for the EV01 Avatars.

Switch Type - Change your chosen avatar type.

Look and See - See your avatar from every side.

Most of the options are easy one click changes, followed by a clearing of your browser cache. EV01 Skin is the exception.


For EV01 Type Skins you must change three textures at once.  The FACE, the UPPERBODY and the LOWERBODY.  To make the skins match, choose options with the SAME NAME. For example, in this graphic, the matching name is "Marc."

** Don't forget to clear your cache and reload your browser page after making customization choices.