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Name, Desc, Public Access, etc.

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HOW TO ACCESS REGION DETAIL PANEL ===========================

Bottom toolbar:  Build Tools button / Manage Region Button / Edit Region Details Button



Top Toolbar: Region / Build Tools / Manage Region Button / Edit Region Details Button

REGION DETAIL PANEL CONTROLS ========================

What can I change on this panel?

• Region Name

• Region Description
Displayed in teleport directories.

• Info Box for Visitors
This information shows up on the top left of a visitor's screen.  Perfect place to put a welcome message or instructions.

• Region Icon 

• Grid / Portal Category
Determines the teleport directory filter button and direct entrance website.

• Set Public or Private Access

• Landing Coordinates (can also set these with the Easy Build Tools).

• Region Active
Remove your region from teleport directory by changing this to 'NO'. Works well for subcategory regions that must be entered through a physical teleport.

• Region Stats
Turn toggle switch "on" to put frame rate stats on screen for all visitors.

• Region Ocean with Details
Turn default water on or off, assign texture, color, water height.

• Advanced Builder Options 
Add your own scripts and object construction. Careful, if you don't know what you are doing, you will break your region. 3DWW Building Tools offer basic hover and click interactions.  HTML and Javascript additions are only needed if you choose to add non-standard object movement or interaction to your region.  Need help? Contact management, they will help you with your custom ideas.