Pop Up Windows

Personal Library for Object Interactions


A Pop-Up or WindowPop is what you expect - a window that pops up on the screen.  In 3DWebWorldz, a popup is assigned to an object for interaction. It is activated by focusing or clicking on an item.

Screenshot : 3DWW Public Library
Pop-up activated by clicking on the titled book.


1.  Open the Build Tools Panel  - click the button or use the Top Toolbar (Regions Pulldown / Build Tools) and click the EDIT TOOLS Button.

2.  Click the POPUPS button from the top library bar:

3. While you have access to some COMMONS POPUPS (shown below), your pop-up  library is completely personal. That means no one else can access your pop-up library and only you can assign your created pop-ups to an object interaction.  

Pop-ups are easy to add and edit.  

3. Click the ADD NEW button to add a new popup or the EDIT or DELETE button for any you have added previously.  You can use basic HTML in these forms, but double check your work.  If you add something incorrectly, you could break your region!

4.   Click the ADD MY POPUP button when you are done.

Add PopUp Interaction to an Object

1.  Mark your location - click the PrimDrop Location Button or use the Top Toolbar (Regions Pulldown / Set PrimDrop Location)

2.  Open the Build Tools Panel  - click the button or use the Top Toolbar (Regions Pulldown / Build Tools)

3.  Click the EDIT TOOLS BUTTON and find the EDIT REGION ASSETS option.  Click the appropriate button for the desired object:  PRIMS, MESH, TEMPLATE

4. Find your object and click the related EDIT button to open up the object panel.

5. Use the pulldown field for popup windows under MOUSE INTERACTION section and choose your desired popup window. Then click SAVE MY CHANGES.